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Q.C. Metallurgical Laboratory Inc. conducts a variety of tests, from mechanical tests to wastewater analysis. As varied as our testing processes are, there is one common characteristic that links all of our tests together, it is an unwavering commitment to quality. Our engineers, chemists and technicians are equally involved in the never-ending process of quality improvement. Our goal is to relentlessly improve the quality of our testing services. By maintaining the high level of quality control that A2LA, State Certifying bodies and the NRC requires, QCML can provide our customers with the quality results they demand.


Affiliations and Organizat

Q.C. Metallurgical Laboratory Inc. is affiliated with the following professional organizations.

  • ACS
  • NACE
  • ASTM
  • ASM
  • MSA
  • AIME
  • SAE
  • AFS
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