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Metallurgical Services

Ferritic structure with elongated grains.

Microstructure of ferrite grains (light) and pearlite grains (dark).

This 400X SEM photograph shows dimples that are elongated indicating shear or tensile tearing.

Q.C. Metallurgical Laboratory Inc. has extensive experience in the science of metallography. Our staff can conduct macroscopic and microscopic examinations of all metals, alloys, cast materials, forgings and welds. Samples can be analyzed with our digital stereoscopes or by a scanning electron microscope. QCML routinely performs the metallography tests listed below and is A2LA accredited for those procedures.

Metallography Tests

  • Grain Sizing
  • Graphite Flake Type and Size
  • Microhardness (Knoop & Vickers)
  • Inclusion Rating
  • Ferrite Count
  • Fracture Analysis
  • Microstructure
  • Case Depth
  • Heat Treat Determinations
  • Corrosion Analysis
  • Coating Thickness
  • Defect Characterization

Laboratory Equipment

  • Ziess and Olympus Digital Stereo Scopes 50-1000x
  • Hitachi S4000 Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS
  • Micromet Vickers MicroHardness Tester
  • Wilson Knoop Microhardness Tester
  • Magnagage
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