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Corrosion Testing

Salt Spray on Part Assembly

QCML conducts salt spray testing in accordance with ASTM B-117 “Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus“. We conduct corrosion testing on samples for the finishing, plating/coating and painting industries. Our salt spray chambers can fit a wide range samples from small parts to large cylinders and finished components. These samples are placed in the chamber at the appropriate angle or hung from racks. Test panels are held at 15o angle and automotive parts are oriented as they are used in the field. The salt spray specification ASTM B-117 does not specify the duration that samples are exposed to the salt fog, nor the inspection intervals. The customer typically specifies these test parameters. The acceptance criterion is also determined by the customer, Typical acceptance criteria is no red or white rust after so many hours. Many of our customers request that photographs be taken at specified timed intervals so they can visually observe the corrosion process. A wide range of exposure times can be specified by the customer, from 24 hrs up to 1200 hrs or more.

Additional coating tests can be conducted on samples/parts. Coating thickness can be determined by coating thickness gauge or by microscopic evaluation. Adhesion testing on test panels and parts can be conducted. Microscopic evaluation of samples to determine the susceptibility of inter-granular corrosion can be conducted in accordance with ASTM A262.

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