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Weld Evaluation

Dimensional and Metallographic Weld Evaluation

Dimensional measurement of weld penetration

Welding is the backbone of the industrial process. The ability to join two materials together is essential in manufacturing and is utilized in some capacity by nearly all manufacturing sectors. The cost of welding is directly linked to the quality of the weld. A weld with a slight crack or an improperly executed weld procedure can have disastrous consequences for you or your customer. Having the ability to evaluate the physical aspects of the weld along with microstructure of the weld can assist you in evaluating the quality of your welds.

Cross section of weld exhibiting poor fusion with inclusions. This was the root cause of a product failure.

The metallographic cross sectional analysis of welded components are listed in a number of SAE and AWS standards; however no specific general standard is presently known. QCML will work with your engineers to provide the metallographic evaluation that best meets your needs. The process of evaluating your welds and weld coupons begins when the samples arrive at our laboratory. The samples are cross-sectioned then etched to allow for visual observations of the weld, base material and heat-affected zones. QCML utilizes a digital stereoscope with quantitative imaging software to photograph the weld area and conduct the dimensional measurements. At this time, additional tests can be conducted on the weld area, such as hardness surveys or microstructure evaluation of the weld. Should you have weld failures in the field QCML can conduct root cause failure analysis on the sample to determine the cause of the failure and make suggestions to prevent failures in the future.

Microstructure of failed weld containing ferrite, pearlite and martensite, 500X.

Typical Weld Evaluations

  • Dimensional measurements of the weld such as angles, root penetration, depth/area of HAZ and joint penetration.
  • Microhardness survey of the base metal, HAZ and weld.
  • Microstructure evaluation that include typical microstructures, grain size and inclusion evaluation.

Extra photograph shows poor weld fusion.

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